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材料物理性能 (Physical Property of Materials)

Undergraduate course offered every Spring

第1章 固体中电子能量结构和状态

第2章 材料的电性能

第3章 材料的介电性能

第4章 材料的光学性能

第5章 材料的热性能

第6章 材料的磁性能

第7章 材料弹性与内耗性能

Microstructure Evolution in Materials

Course Description (Undergraduate English course offered every autumn):

This course covers the microstructures, defects, and structural evolution in all classes of materials. Topics include solution kinetics, interface stability, dislocations and point defects, diffusion, surface energetic, grains and grain boundaries, grain growth, nucleation and precipitation, and electrochemical reactions. Lectures will illustrate the wide range of examples and applications based on metals, ceramics, electronic materials, polymers, and biomedical materials. The course also explores the evolution of microstructure through experiments involving optical and electron microscopy, calorimetry, electrochemical characterization, surface roughness measurements, and other characterization methods. 

Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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