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With Prof. Shuxiang Dong and Prof. Nianxiang Sun in Yinchuan, China for 2016 Chinese Materials Research Society.


Deliver a talk in 2017 International Workshop on Atomic Force Microscopy on Advanced Functional Materials


With Prof. Yang Shen, Prof. Zhenxing Yue and Prof. Jiwei Zhai in Hiroshima, Japan for 2017 international workshop on ferroelectric materials and their applications.


With Prof. Xiangming Chen, Prof. Jianguo Zhu, Prof. Yun Liu, Prof. Xiaoyan Liu and Prof. Haosu Luo in Vancouver, Canada for 2017 international workshop on relaxor ferroelectrics


Deliver a talk in 2018 workshop on Piezoelectric single crystals and applications


With Prof. Wei Ren, Prof. Jianguo Zhu, Prof Jiwei Zhai, Prof. Genshui Wang, Prof. Guorong Li, Prof. Haosu Luo and Prof. Xianling Dong in Fukuyama, Japan for 2017 workshop on piezoelectric single crystals and devices.


Kick-off meeting of the NSFC key project in Hefei, China.


With Prof. Hong Wang and Prof. Shuxiang Dong in Inuyama, Japan for the 10th Japan-China symposium on ferroelectric materials and their applications


The re-elected meeting of editorial Committee for Journal of Inorganic Materials in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China.


With Prof. Qiming Zhang, Prof. Shengguo Lu, Prof. Yumeng You and Prof. Rengen Xiong for a seminar in Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Science and Applications of Molecular Ferroelectrics.

Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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