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【Conference】The 11th International Conference on High-performance Ceramics

Prof. Yaojin Wang was invited to join the eleventh International Conference on High-performance Creamics第十一届先进陶瓷国际研讨会in 25-29 May Kunming, China. He delivered an invited talk entitled "All-inorganic flexible piezoelectrics for energy conversion and sense applications" in N session (Dielectric, Pyroelectric, Piezoelectrics and Ferroelectrics), an invited talk entitled "Unique polar evolutions in relaxor ferroelectric single crystals" in O session (Perovskite) and chaired a session, respectively.

Mr. Yang Wang was also attent this conference, and gave an poster presentation entitled "Piezo-catalysis for nondestructive tooth whitening".

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Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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