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【Conference】2018 International Workshop on Atomic Force Microscopy for Advanced Functional Materials 2018-12-16
【Certification】中国硅酸盐学会微纳技术分会第一届理事会理事 2018-12-14
【Publication】Chao Chen’s paper got accepted by Journal of The American Ceramic Society 2018-11-23
【Conference】第十七届电介质物理、材料与应用学术会议 2018-11-19
【Publication】Ding Wang's paper got accepted by Journal of Materiomics 2018-11-01
【Conference】The 2018 Sino-Korea Workshop on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications 2018-10-31
【Conference】The 10th China-Japan Symposium on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications 2018-09-21
【Conference】2018 Chinese Physics Society Fall Meeting 2018-09-16
【Conference】The 10th inorganic non-metal materials symposium—high performance ceramics 2018-08-26
【Publications】Nana Yang(杨娜娜) published an invited review paper on Acta Physica Sinica 2018-08-14
【Editorial board】汪尧进教授受聘《无机材料学报》编委 2018-07-28
【Conference】2018 International Workshop on Relaxor Ferroelectrics 2018-07-20
【Seminar】Prof. Qiming Zhang(章启明) from Penn State Univerisity 2018-07-12
【Awards】Xinrong Wen(文鑫荣) received an award “Outstanding graduation design” 2018-07-06
【Seminar】Dr. Xinming Wan(万新明) from the division of Open Inovation, Haier Group 2018-06-25
【Seminar】Prof. Yanmin Jia(贾艳敏) from Zhejiang Normal University 2018-06-25
【Seminar】Prof. Shenqiang Ren(任申强) from The State University of New York 2018-06-19
【Seminar】Prof. Jiawang Hong(洪家旺) from Beijing Institute of Technology 2018-06-03
【Conference】2018 ISAF-FMA-AMF-AMEC-PFM Joint Conference in Japan 2018-05-28
【Conference】2018 workshop on piezoelectric single crystals in Japan 2018-05-25
【Seminar】Prof. Yaojin Wang was invited by Zhejiang Normal University 2018-05-20
【Publication】Prof. Yaojin Wang co-authored a paper in Energy & Environmental Science[IF=30.067] 2018-05-13
【Conference】2018 Jiangsu Physics Society Spring Meeting 2018-05-13
【Awards】Congratulation to Prof. Wang for the second prize of "Lan-Shan" young teaching star compet 2018-05-08
【Seminar】Prof. Junyi Zhai(翟俊宜) from Beijing University of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems 2018-05-01

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Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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