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【Seminar】Prof. Zhiguang Wang(王志广) from xi'an Jiaotong University 2018-05-01
【Seminar】Prof. Shuai Dong(董帅) from Southeast University 2018-03-30
【Seminar】Prof. Manrong Li(李满荣) from Sun Yat-Sen University 2018-03-30
【Conference】国家自然科学基金重大项目“钙钛矿材料多功能原理及其耦合新效应”启动会 2018-03-28
【Awards】Ding Wang王鼎() received the award of "outstanding graduates" 2018-03-26
【Seminar】Prof.KARAKI Tomoaki(唐木智明) from Toyama Prefectural University, Japan 2018-03-13
【Master Degree】Ding Wang and Lijun Chen passed the Master Degree defense 2018-03-08
【Award】Prof.Yaojin Wang received the “ 双创人才 Innovation and Entrepreneurship talent program of Jiangs 2018-01-10
【Seminar】Prof. Yaojin Wang was invited by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to deli 2017-12-28
【Awards】Congratulations Prof. Wang to receive the third prize in micro-lectures teaching competition 2017-12-23
【Conference】2017 Workshop on Atomic Force Microscopy for Advanced Materials (AFM 2nd) 2017-12-11
【Seminar】Prof.Xuejin Zhang(张学进) from Nanjing University 2017-12-01
【Awards】Congratulations Prof. Wang to receive the first prize for English teaching competition 2017-11-30
【Certification】 Reviewer for the journals published by the American Ceramic Society 2017-11-22
【Conference】The Korea-China Workshop on Ferroelectrics and lead-free piezoelectrics 2017 2017-11-19
【Publication】Ding Wang's paper got accepted by Nano Energy 2017-11-16
【Publication】Prof. Wang co-authored a paper With Prof.Luo in Journal of The European Ceramic 2017-11-05
【Conference】2017 The Chinese Academy of Sciences Association for Youth Innovation 2017-10-19
【Seminar】Prof. Junling Wang(王俊岭) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapo 2017-10-18
【Scholarship】National Scholarship for Graduate Excellence(国家奖学金) 2017-09-22
【Conference】The 9th China-Japan symposium on ferroelectric materials and their applications 2017-09-17
【Conference】2017 Chinese Physics Society Fall Meeting 2017-09-09
【Publication】Prof. Wang's paper got accepted by Physics Review Applied 2017-08-09
【Conference】2017 Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS) 2017-07-11
【Seminar】Prof. Shenqiang Ren(任申强) from Temple University visited our group 2017-06-05

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Yaojin Wang (汪尧进) Laboratory of Advanced Sensitive Materials and Devices
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